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Author GuideLines

AcronymsDo not punctuate (ex: NATO, WHO, UN, UK, USA, etc). When using acronyms, do not put the in front (do not write the WTO, etc).
Capitalisation Words such as Government, State, Parliament, should only be capitalised when used as a noun (not an adjective) and when making a reference to a specific country; never capitalise when used in the plural.
(ex: "In cases where a government fails to provide state funds, as has happened with the Indian Government, the Parliament has decided ...")
ManuscriptShould normally between 4000-6000 words (for articles) and 700 to 1500 words (for book review) on A-4 size pages, typed double space and 12 point font. The manuscripts must be submitted bearing, author's name, designations (official), residential address and email address/phone/fax numbers. A brief autobiographical which can be carried on the Contributors Page of the journal.
Graph/Table/PictureShould be in editable format
Table and Graph should be in editable format and the font size in graph/table should be the uniform, it should be egible/readable, updated
DatesUse UK sequence (1 September 2015).
Spelling UseUK spelling.
DocumentsDo not edit
End notes or references.Include in brackets in text(see References below).
HyphensUsage generally depends on house style.
ItalicsUse for foreign words and for journal names.
InitialsPut author's initials after his name (ex: Putin, V).
Per centWrite out in text, do not use %.
QuotesUse double quotes ("...") for citations.
Use single quotes ("..." when quoting within double quotes.
ReferencesUse italics for names of journals
(ex: Goldsmith, E, "Return to the centre", The Ecologist, Vol. 30 no 1, 1 September 2015).

Use roman for books and capitalise all main words
(ex: Pathak, S, Social Welfare, New Delhi, Macmillan India Ltd, 2015, pp 31-33).
NoteWorld Trade Organization, World Health Organization, etc. use "z" because that is the official name of the organisation; the exception is the International Labour Organisation.
SentencesTry to keep simple!
Speeches(already given) Correct obvious translation errors only
TitlesLeave out (Dr., Professor, Mr., etc).

Authors should take care to ensure the accuracy of data and references. Manuscripts are accepted for publication on the understanding that they are subject to editorial revisions. Proofs will not be sent to the authors.

Author will receive 4 copies of the issue in which his/her article is published free of cost and a complimentary copy of WORLD AFFAIRS for a period of 3 years. Authors are advised to provide complete and accurate mailing address for receiving print copy of the issues.

(Original and unpublished to be sent to the editor World Affairs – Email Addresses, Manuscripts once received will become the proprietary of World Affairs.)